-Excerpt from the book 'It is the same light'

Meet 'It is the same light' Author Daljit Singh Jawa

“There is but one and only one God, and His existence is eternal.He alone is the creator of all there is. He is not afraid of anybody or anything, nor does Hehave enmity towards anybody. He never dies. His form is timeless and He is self-existent: He is unborn and free from incarnations. One can realize Him only through the grace of (aspiritual guide), the Guru.”
Daljit Singh Jawa was born in Patiala, India, where he received his formal education including Civil Engineering in Patiala.  After serving as irrigation engineer for twelve years, he immigrated with his wife and two sons to the USA in the 1970s.  After reinforcing his qualifications with  M.S. and M.P.A. degrees, he served the State of Kansas as a Water Resources Planner until he retired in 2003.