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Author: Daljit Singh Jawa

Daljit Singh Jawa was born in Patiala, India, where he received his formal education including Civil Engineering in Patiala.  After serving as irrigation engineer for twelve years, he immigrated with his wife and two sons to the USA in the 1970s. After reinforcing his qualifications with  M.S. and M.P.A. degrees, he served the State of Kansas as a Water Resources Planner until he retired in 2003.


From his early age, the author was raised in a Sikh spiritual environment. At early age his mother would often take him to Gurdwara, and would sing to him Japji Sahib in the morning and Keertan Sohela in the night. His father, Sardar Hari Singh, director of Public Instruction Patiala state, spent his early years as a teacher in Khalsa College Amritsar in the company of such eminent Sikh scholars as Principal Jodh Singh, the first vice chancellor of Punjabi University, Poet laureate Bh. Vir Singh, and famous Guru Granth Sahib translator, Dr. Sahib Singh.

In 2004, the author published “Order of the Day” which succinctly explains the daily “Hukam Namas” which are considered daily edicts for the Sikhs.

In addition, he has produced two documentaries titled “Who are the Sikhs” and “Red Waters of Amritsar”